Brother Number One

We didn't sink, which was nice

Gail and Kerry on Foxy Lady

Arrived home in the early hours after an attempt to sail across the Tasman Sea last week from Sydney to Whangarei. Unfortunately, on day two the yacht started taking on water, lots of water, so diverted to Lord Howe Island and we didn't sink which was nice. It was a bit of a shame actually because it had been such a lovely trip to that point with vomit inducing seas hitting us right on the nose.

It reminded me of an interview we did for the film with Englishmen Neil and Bob, who chartered Foxy Lady with Kerry and Gail. They said the time spent with them was the best of their year-long travel adventure. However, they also mentioned that they 'fed the fish' on more than one occasion whilst sailing between ports.

So it was an expensive unplanned flight for me from Lord Howe Island but was happy to arrive home yesterday in one piece. It was lovely to see Rachel and the kids. Hugs all round. - Rob.



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