Brother Number One

Rob Hamill - Radio Interview on BBC World Service: Outlook

Rob at Tuol Sleng, Phnom Penh

Heading for the home stretch now, working with composers and graphic designers - there is some great talent and goodwill here in Aotearoa New Zealand so we will be going into our online and soundmix in pretty good shape in mid-June.

Also, good news - Rob did a half hour interview with the BBC World Service's programme Outlook which has a listenership of 40 million. The interview played on the 7 June 2011 and you can listen to the podcast here.

Often they divvy up the 30 minutes and run various interviews, but Rob's was so strong they are running it as a full half hour. There will be some audio excerpts of the film included.

Now the edit is in its final stages we're thinking about some of the great out-takes and new content we can put online. Brother Number One has already been invited to some great festivals (most of which are still embargoed) but hopefully it will find its place in the world.

- Annie



Rachel Jacobs - 07 Jun 11
What a moving interview! I was unable to move away from the radio. I’d love to see this film although I know I’ll cry. I’ll mention it to some friends including one who writes an online film newsletter.

I’m grateful to the BBC Outlook producers and to my local PBS station, KQED-FM, for airing this. I hope the film has great success. Rob’s story is an important contribution to modern history.

R. Jacobs
Santa Rosa, California
Faye Wilson (nee Crichton) - 07 Jun 11
An amazing radio interview which I listened to in the middle of the night in England - more amazing as I lived next door to Rob in Whakatane when he was a little boy. I used to look after him as I was probably about 9 when he was 2. I am now 63. My father sailed in a dinghy with his father. My brother has now become a world renowned yachtsman. What a tragedy, which had such an effect on him and his family. You are a brave man Rob, Kerry would be proud of you for what you have done. I admire you.
Paul Chamberlain - 07 Jun 11
I listened to the BBC interview this morning on my way to work.
I wept for your brother Kerry and for John.

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