Brother Number One

Cambodian Aerobics

Nearing the close of the edit when it gets to be fun, working with composers and graphic designers. As I’ve said editing is like hewing wood, finally the shape begins to emerge and then change happens quickly. Seeing what archive I have to have and what I can afford (at USD125 a second!). As always, great bits are left out, hit the proverbial cutting room floor – so many beautiful images that we will have to create a serious DVD extras bank.

This is one of my favourites: by chance, we were told that on Friday nights Cambodians gather to do collective aerobics, in the very stadium that Pol Pot and his central committee strolled around in some famous archive (that I can’t afford). A spectacular display as forty competing aerobics team strive for fitness, each team dancing to their own tune. The football game goes on beneath largely unnoticed, the food stalls hum, spatter and buzz and kites and balloons whirl overhead into the darkening sky.

- Annie


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