Brother Number One

Rough cut

James, Peter and Annie in the editing room, with the editing assistant Darwin needing some affection.
Sunset in Sihanoukville on the monitor behind.

Peter Gilbert, our DOP and all round great guy, is over here from Chicago helping us with the final push of the rough cut, which is starting to get fun despite the tough nature of the subject matter. We are all crowded - James Brown, the editor (plus Darwin his beagle much to my cat Cleo's horror) into my son's old bedroom, now the editing suite with its trusty and grunty MacPro.  Rob is just back from Cambodia where he attended Comrade Duch’s appeal, and he and his wife Rachel came and sat through the edit as it stands. Was great – very few problems or changes and I know it is hard to see your own story, and such a personal and painful one, on the screen.  The hard work of extracting and shaping the story recedes and you start to have fun really working the sound and image, and music of course which will be great – Jack Body, Chinary Ung, Sophy Him, NZ Trio, the Soundroom – quite an ensemble!

- Annie



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